Opened late 2018 as a 100th anniversary gift to the people of Finland, the central library is as aesthetically pleasing as it is intellectually stimulating, with spaces to read, hang out with friends, sew a garment, do some band practice, and create your own object with 3D printers. There are books to browse – a modest 100,000, but at a mere click of a button you can access the rest of the collection to be delivered to your nearest pick-up point.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Helsinki attractions

1. Sanomatalo

0.06 MILES

The gleaming glass headquarters of the main daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, is an iconic modern Helsinki building, designed by Finnish architects Jan…

2. Mannerheim Statue

0.14 MILES

This equestrian statue of Finland's most famous military commander stands next to the Kiasma museum.

3. Kiasma

0.15 MILES

One in a series of elegant, contemporary buildings in this part of town, curvaceous, metallic Kiasma, designed by Steven Holl and finished in 1998, is a…

4. Parliament House

0.17 MILES

Finland's imposing parliament building was designed by Finnish architect Johan Sigfrid Sirén and inaugurated in 1931. Its pared-back neoclassicism…

5. Rautatientori

0.22 MILES

Rautatientori (Railway Sq) flanks the eastern side of Helsinki's glorious National Romantic art nouveau train station. Designed by Finnish architect Eliel…

6. Amos Rex

0.23 MILES

Set beneath the iconic 1936 Lasipalatsi building, art museum Amos Rex opened in 2018. Sweeping staircases take you below ground to the exhibition halls…

7. Kansallismuseo

0.24 MILES

Built in National Romantic art nouveau style and opened in 1916, Finland’s premier historical museum looks a bit like a Gothic church with its heavy…

8. Luonnontieteellinen Museo

0.26 MILES

The city’s natural history museum is known for its controversial weathervane of a sperm impregnating an ovum. Modern exhibitions such as Story of the…