Pacific Harbour

Leaving the glorious vegetation and hilly passes of Korolevu in its wake, the Queens Road sweeps across a small bridge into Pacific Harbour, the self-labelled ‘Adventure Capital of Fiji’. A range of activities, guaranteed to have hearts racing and knees knocking, backs up the claim.

Pacific Harbour itself looks anything but adventurous. It began in the 1970s as a canal development, then evolved into a place for holiday homes. The resulting wide culs-de-sac, manicured lawns and orderly river settings are more ‘soccer dad and bridge parties’ than Fijian. The current big development is the Pacific Palm Marina, the first stage of which was due to open in early 2016 at the mouth of the river, next to the Pearl South Pacific resort. A large marina is planned, plus restaurants, spa, a golf course and residential units.

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