Fiji is an incredible island nation with the kind of stunning beaches and vibrant culture that will make you never want to leave. But first you need to arrive, and a big part of that is figuring out whether you need a visa and how to get one if you do.

The good news is citizens of over 100 countries do not need a visa to enter Fiji for stays up to four months. This includes passport holders from Australia, New Zealand, the EU, Canada, the United States, the UK, South Africa, India, Japan, the Philippines and China. 

To enter, passports must be valid for at least six months past the date of departure from Fiji and have one blank page. Currency over FJD$10,000 must be declared on entry and exit. Travelers must also have proof of an outbound ticket as well as proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay in Fiji.

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Visitor visas and requirements 

If you're not a citizen of a visa-exempt country, there are two types of visitor entry visas you can apply for – a Single Entry Visa or a Multiple Entry Visa. Both can be applied for at the Fijian Immigration Department offices in Fiji or any Fiji high commission or embassy abroad.

Before submitting your application, complete the accompanying application checklist and bring all the relevant documents to any Fiji High Commission, Fiji Embassy or send them by post to the visa processing offices in Fiji. Visas take three working days to process upon receipt, but budget at least three weeks for follow-up questions, verification or mail delays.

A Single Entry Visa is valid for a single entry into Fiji for stays up to three months and costs FJD$95, while a Multiple Entry Visa is valid for up to 12 months. A visitor on this visa may enter multiple times, but each stay must be shorter than four months and it costs FJD$189. 

Visas are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but most applicants seeking a visa for holiday purposes will need to provide a certified copy of their passport, two passport photos, hotel booking confirmation, a copy of their travel itinerary, proof of funds for the duration of their stay, proof of an onward ticket and potentially a letter of consent from a parent, spouse or employer. Full details for visa requirements are found on the Fiji Department of Immigration website

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Fiji visa extensions

Travelers can extend their stay in Fiji by applying for a visa extension in Fiji at Department of Immigration offices found throughout Fiji. Most extensions are granted for an additional two months, allowing for stays of up to six months total – though you may be able to stay longer depending on your circumstances. The visa extension costs FJD$95 and all travelers who apply for an extension must show proof of an onward ticket and proof of funds to support their full stay. 

Study and work visas in Fiji

Fiji also offers visas for study and employment in Fiji, though these are issued on a case-by-case basis and visas are typically lodged with assistance from the Fiji institution or employer. Students must show proof of an acceptance letter from a Fijian university or school, proof of funds for the duration of their stay, a medical report for courses that last longer than six months and potentially a police clearance from the country of residence. 

Work visas are granted to non-Fijian citizens for workers who can show proof of a contract of employment, proof of proficiency in the English language, police clearance from the country of origin and a medical report for contracts longer than six months.

This article was first published Dec 8, 2021 and updated Oct 12, 2023.

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