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Sigatoka (sing-a-to-ka) is the largest town on the Coral Coast and serves as the commercial hub for the farming communities that grow sugar cane and vegetables upriver in the fertile swathe of the Sigatoka Valley.

Because of its pretty riverside location and accessibility, Sigatoka is a popular day trip from Nadi and the nearby Coral Coast resorts. There is a bustling produce market in the heart of town, a few souvenir shops, a large mosque and a fantasy-style, privately owned mansion overlooking the lot. The Sigatoka River, the second largest in Fiji, flows along the eastern edge of town. If you find your enthusiasm for souvenirs exhausted, stroll across the smaller of the two bridges (the one damaged in a 1994 hurricane) to see if you can spot the shark god, Dakuwaqa, swimming in the murky waters beneath.

Sigatoka’s major draws – the sand dunes, surfing and the Tavuni Hill Fort – are all a few kilometres out of town, but are easily reached by a short taxi ride.

Sigatoka doesn’t offer any outstanding accommodation options, though a few basic hotel rooms can be found if you go looking. You’re better off heading to nearby Korotogo for a bed.