Vormsi Landscape Reserve

Western Estonia & the Islands

The 3km-long peninsula south of Rumpo, plus the 30 islets in Hullo Bay, are protected as the Vormsi Landscape Reserve. It's a haven for rare lichens and coastal birds, and there's a 6.7km hiking trail running its length, punctuated by three observation towers.

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1. Vormsi Farm Museum

1.79 MILES

Vormsi’s Swedish heritage is kept alive in this restored farmstead, also known as Pears Farm. It's a fascinating insight into the ways of a population…

2. St Olaf’s Lutheran Church

3.13 MILES

There’s a colourful little statue of the saint with his trusty axe in the niche above the door of this squat, whitewashed 14th-century church, just out of…

3. Church Rock

5.41 MILES

This 5.8m-high erratic boulder stands near Diby in the northeast.

4. Saxby Lighthouse

7.41 MILES

Built in 1864, this 24m lighthouse is a short walk from Saxby, the island’s westernmost settlement. It's especially scenic at sunset.

5. Paralepa Forest Park


On the western edge of town, beyond the train station, this shady park has a popular beachfront which, despite being a bit swampy, attracts plenty of…

6. Museum of the Estonian Swedes

8.83 MILES

This quaint museum has relics, photos, old fishing nets and a marvellous tapestry tracing the 1000-year history of Swedes in Estonia, up to their escape…

7. Tchaikovsky Bench

9.03 MILES

Erected to commemorate the visits of Tchaikovsky to Haapsalu, this stone bench is inscribed with the first few notes of his VI Symphony. There's also an…

8. Railway & Communication Museum


Haapsalu’s attractive former train station, with its wooden-lace ornamentation and grand colonnade, opened in 1907 to transport the Russian nobility to…