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Some 18km long and incorporating a suspension bridge that's arguably as elegant as the Golden Gate, the Storebælt link is a remarkable piece of engineering linking Funen and Zealand on what has been dubbed Denmark's biggest man-made structure.

Arguably the best views of the bridge are from near the Isbådsmuseet, close to the link's eastern end in Korsør.

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1. Korsør Isbådsmuseet

2.83 MILES

In the era of harsh winters, before the construction of the Great Belt bridges, ice-breakers were often needed to cut through floes blocking the Store…

2. Borgmestergården

9.52 MILES

Combining the 1601 mayor's house with two 1630s merchant buildings, the town museum is still being reworked but will eventually walk visitors through a…

3. Nyborg Slot

9.57 MILES

The castle in the heart of Nyborg town was an important royal palace from the 13th century up until 1560, and it was here that Denmark's first…

4. Trelleborg

10.19 MILES

One of Zealand's most important Viking Age sites, this large ring fortress dates to AD 980. It is essentially a perfectly circular raised earthwork, 300m…

5. Trelleborg Museum

10.44 MILES

The reception area acts as a small but informative museum explaining how the ring fort Trelleborg was built, occupied and abandoned. Displays include…

6. Løve Mølle

14.48 MILES

If you've been to Hell (Norway), Bum (Azerbaijan) and Silly (Belgium), why not get more positive and take a town-sign selfie with your beloved at Løve, in…

7. Fjord & Bælt

16.18 MILES

This harbourside marine centre houses aquariums, a 40m-long underwater tunnel and touch pools for kids. It also has seals and porpoises, which may concern…

8. Farvergården

16.29 MILES

One of the town's oldest and most crooked wooden-framed shop-houses now doubles as a cute little museum celebrating Kerteminde through the ages.