Fjord & Bælt


This harbourside marine centre houses aquariums, a 40m-long underwater tunnel and touch pools for kids. It also has seals and porpoises, which may concern some visitors. Animal welfare groups claim keeping sea mammals in enclosed tanks is harmful for these complex animals.

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Nearby Funen attractions

1. Farvergården

0.14 MILES

One of the town's oldest and most crooked wooden-framed shop-houses now doubles as a cute little museum celebrating Kerteminde through the ages.

2. Johannes Larsen Museet


Set around a charming hilltop garden, the centrepiece of this calming museum is the former home of Johannes Larsen, painter of vivid, naturalistic…

3. Vikingemuseet Ladby

1.77 MILES

Vikingemuseet Ladby, 6km southwest of Kerteminde, preserves the site of the only known Viking-era ship grave in Denmark. The key site is hidden within a…

4. Nyborg Slot

10.71 MILES

The castle in the heart of Nyborg town was an important royal palace from the 13th century up until 1560, and it was here that Denmark's first…

5. Borgmestergården

10.81 MILES

Combining the 1601 mayor's house with two 1630s merchant buildings, the town museum is still being reworked but will eventually walk visitors through a…

6. Vor Frue Kirke

11.09 MILES

With a stepped-brick tower, this church is often cited as Odense's oldest. Though records are hazy, most of the whitewashed interior dates back to the…

7. Møntergården

11.11 MILES

The new, stylishly designed main section of this city-history museum takes visitors on a thematic walk through humorously named 'Funen – Centre of the…

8. HC Andersen Museum

11.15 MILES

This striking exhibition takes its design cues from Hans Christian Andersen's playful papercuts, and features his personal effects plus a virtual reality…