The new, stylishly designed main section of this city-history museum takes visitors on a thematic walk through humorously named 'Funen – Centre of the Universe', looking at world events and cultural currents through a Funen lens. Different areas cover pre-Viking gods, the Industrial Revolution's effect on villages, WWII occupation, the Cold War and how Funen came to be known as 'Denmark's garden' (the gigantic apple dominating the entry-level hall is a bit of a hint).

Separate buildings include exhibits on Odense in the Middle Ages and Renaissance period, and reveal the inside of a restored 1646 townhouse. Anyone strolling up quaint little Mønterstræde is invited to open the three doors of a 17th-century almshouse. Look inside and love the knitted food. A combination ticket (adult/child 125kr/free) is available, offering same-day entry to HC Andersen Museum, HC Andersens Hus, HC Andersens Barndomshjem and Børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Odense attractions

1. Hans Andersen Statue

0.06 MILES

Outside the low-rise Radisson Blu hotel, Hans Christian Andersen sits with top hat on a seat awaiting selfies.

2. Vor Frue Kirke

0.07 MILES

With a stepped-brick tower, this church is often cited as Odense's oldest. Though records are hazy, most of the whitewashed interior dates back to the…

3. HC Andersen Museum


This striking exhibition takes its design cues from Hans Christian Andersen's playful papercuts, and features his personal effects plus a virtual reality…

4. Tinsoldaten

0.15 MILES

The one-legged military figure outside a branch of Nelle's cafe-bar is not to commemorate a historical conflict but represents the Tin Soldier, sad hero…

5. Paaskestræde

0.15 MILES

For one of Odense's prettiest street scenes, stand at the corner of Adelgade and watch the little cottages tumbling down Paaskestræde towards the…

6. HC Andersens Hus

0.16 MILES

Lying amid the seemingly miniaturised streets of the former poor quarter is the sparse little cottage where Hans Christian Andersen was born. Visiting it…

7. Børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet

0.17 MILES

In the charming Fyrtøjet, children are encouraged to explore the world of Hans Christian Andersen through music and storytelling.

8. Sankt Albani Kirke

0.19 MILES

With its seemingly endless, sharpened spire, Sankt Albani Kirke is an 1867 Catholic church whose exterior is interesting for the wooden knight and naive,…