The new, stylishly designed main section of this city-history museum takes visitors on a thematic walk through humorously named 'Funen – Centre of the Universe', looking at world events and cultural currents through a Funen lens. Different areas cover pre-Viking gods, the Industrial Revolution's effect on villages, WWII occupation, the Cold War and how Funen came to be known as 'Denmark's garden' (the gigantic apple dominating the entry-level hall is a bit of a hint).

Separate buildings include exhibits on Odense in the Middle Ages and Renaissance period, and reveal the inside of a restored 1646 townhouse. Anyone strolling up quaint little Mønterstræde is invited to open the three doors of a 17th-century almshouse. Look inside and love the knitted food. A combination ticket (adult/child 125kr/free) is available, offering same-day entry to HC Andersen Museum, HC Andersens Hus, HC Andersens Barndomshjem and Børnekulturhuset Fyrtøjet.