Nørrebro & Østerbro

This fascinating 1km-long park showcases objects sourced from around the globe with the aim of celebrating diversity and uniting the community. Items include a tile fountain from Morocco, bollards from Ghana and swing chairs from Baghdad, as well as neon signs from Russia and China. Even the benches, manhole covers and rubbish bins hail from foreign lands.

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1. Assistens Kirkegård

0.62 MILES

You'll find some of Denmark's most celebrated citizens at this famous cemetery, including philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, physicist Niels Bohr, author Hans…

2. Dronning Louises Bro

1.18 MILES

Dating from 1887 and inspired by the French Empire style, this is one of Copenhagen's best-loved bridges, designed by the prolific Vilhelm Dahlerup and…

3. Grundtvigs Kirke

1.25 MILES

This imposing and distinctive 1920s church – named for Danish theologian NFS Grundtvig – may be a little off the beaten path, but is certainly worth the…

4. Palmehus

1.45 MILES

Forget Thailand: to escape the Nordic cold, simply slip inside the Botanic Garden's Palm House. A large, elegant glasshouse dating from the 19th century,…

5. Botanisk Have

1.49 MILES

Restorative and romantic, Copenhagen's Botanic Garden lays claim to around 13,000 species of plant life – the largest collection in Denmark. You can amble…

6. Hirschsprung

1.51 MILES

Dedicated to Danish art of the 19th and early 20th centuries, Hirschsprungske is a little jewel-box of a gallery, full of wonderful surprises for art…

7. Statens Museum for Kunst

1.59 MILES

Denmark's National Gallery straddles two contrasting, interconnected buildings: a late-19th-century 'palazzo' and a sharply minimalist extension. The…

8. Geologisk Museum

1.61 MILES

Perched at the northeast corner of the Botanic Garden, Copenhagen's Geology Museum hosts interesting exhibitions, with themes ranging from the solar…