Agios Georgios Beach

Coral Bay & Agios Georgios

Agios Georgios Beach is a 100m stretch of shadeless sand and rock with a modest harbour; beach umbrellas and loungers are available for hire (€4.50). The beach can be reached by road from Polis (via Pegeia) or Pafos (via Coral Bay). There is a small beach bar and, up on the bluff, one of the region’s most popular seafood restaurants,Saint George’s Fish Tavern.

The large plot of land next to the restaurant is popular for a wander at sunset, and a couple of stalls here sell ceramics and deli-style products. There is also a modest archaeological site nearby with ruins of a 6th-century basilica church, including a partly visible mosaic floor, and several rock-hewn tombs dating from the Roman period. Opening hours vary.

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