Grivas Museum & Monument


This unusual museum is located 4km north of Kato Pafos on the spot where the caïque Agios Georgios (now the museum’s prime exhibit), captained by EOKA rebel Georgios Grivas, landed in November 1954. It carried a large supply of arms and munitions, with the aim of overthrowing British colonial rule. Grivas’ rebels were finally arrested two months later while attempting another landing. The museum walls document the capture, including the mug shots, as well as some of the seized rifles and ammunition.

The site, known as ‘Grivas’ Landing’, is also home to a monument and statue commemorating the event, as well as a hotel. Pafos Buses number 615 bus from the Harbour Bus Station stops close to here (€1.50, 10 minutes), departing roughly every 15 minutes.

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