Tomb of Archbishop Makarios III

Kykkos Monastery & Around

The tomb of the first president of Cyprus is located on Throni Hill, 2km past Kykkos Monastery. Makarios was buried here at his request, close to the place where he served as an apprentice monk in 1926. The simple stone sepulchre is overlaid with black marble and covered by a round, stone-inlaid dome. A huge bronze statue of the archbishop, moved from Nicosia’s Archepiscopal Palace in 2008, now stands on the hill, adding to its grandeur.

Higher up on the path from the tomb is the Throni Shrine to the Virgin Mary. It has spectacular, endless views of the valleys and roads leading to Kykkos from the east. A wishing tree is located just near here, where the pious tie paper and cloth messages in the hope that the Virgin Mary will grant their requests.