Lady’s Mile Beach


This 7km stretch of hard-packed sand and pebbles is a popular weekend beach. Named after a horse belonging to a colonial governor who exercised his mare here, it runs south beyond Lemesos’ New Port and along the eastern side of the British-controlled Akrotiri Peninsula. Keep driving away from the blight of cranes at the port; the beach and the view improve the further south you go. That said, it's not the prettiest stretch of sand in these parts.

At summer weekends, the citizens of Lemesos flock here in large numbers to relax in the fairly shallow waters. A couple of beach tavernas serve the crowds and provide some respite from an otherwise barren beach-scape. Bring your own shade if you plan to sit on the beach all day, as well as mosquito repellent if you are staying until dusk – the nearby salt lake provides a ripe breeding ground for these little nippers.

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