Pabexpo comprises 7300 sq meters of exhibition space, spread over four interconnecting pavilions, that hosts about 15 trade shows a year. It's only of interest if you're attending a show.

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Nearby Havana attractions

1. Palacio de las Convenciones

0.51 MILES

Also known as the Havana Convention Center or by the acronym Palco, this is one of Cuba's most dramatic modern buildings. Built for the Nonaligned…

2. Monumento a Calixto García

0.75 MILES

The equestrian Monumento a Calixto García pays homage to the valiant general and military strategist who participated in Cuba’s three most important pro…

3. Club Habana

0.96 MILES

This fabulously eclectic 1928 mansion in Flores once housed the Havana Biltmore Yacht & Country Club. These days the establishment has swung full circle…

4. Instituto Superior de Arte


The leading art academy in Cuba was established in the former Havana Country Club in 1961 and elevated to the status of institute in 1976. The cluster of…

5. Taller-Estudio José Fuster

1.33 MILES

The centerpiece of Fusterlandia is artist José Fuster's own house. It contains his workshop, where you can view his paintings and ceramics and sometimes…

6. Fusterlandia

1.34 MILES

Where does art go after Antoni Gaudí? For a hint, head west from central Havana to the seemingly low-key district of Jaimanitas, where artist José Fuster…

7. Marina Hemingway

1.86 MILES

Havana’s premier marina was constructed in 1953 in the small coastal community of Santa Fé. After the revolution it was nationalized and named after Fidel…

8. Iglesia Jesús de Miramar

1.97 MILES

Despite its modernity, Playa cradles Cuba's second-largest church, an aesthetically pleasing neo-Romanesque structure topped by a giant dome. Built in…