Club Habana

Historic Building in Playa & Marianao

This fabulously eclectic 1928 mansion in Flores once housed the Havana Biltmore Yacht & Country Club. These days the establishment seems to have swung full circle and it is again a popular hangout for foreign correspondents and diplomats. The club has its own beach, swimming pool, tennis courts, bar, boutiques and health club. Annual membership is costly, but should you wish to hobnob spontaneously with the high and mighty, you can get a daily pass for CUC$20.

In the 1950s the establishment gained brief notoriety when it famously denied entry to Cuban president Fulgencio Batista on the grounds that he was ‘black.’ Castro had better luck when he dropped by for dinner some 30 years later and the club remains one of the few places where he dined in public.