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Despite its proximity to Zagreb, the bucolic northern region of Zagorje receives few tourists, even at the height of summer – especially surprising given the delightful villages, medieval castles, endless vineyards and thermal springs that speckle its rolling hills. These leafy landscapes, with Austrian-influenced food and architecture (and the same prices year-round), present a nice alternative to the busy... Read More

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Kumrovec Trakoscan Castle and Varazdin Full Day Tour from Zagreb

Your first stop is Kumrovac. Tito was born here. That says it all. Kumrovac is a village that shows where this world leader came from, his background, a starting point on the way to his many achievements. It is also a chance for you to experience an authentic village of Zagorje, for in Kumrovac you will get to see typical architectural and ethnological characteristics as well as everyday-life of its inhabitants. See the authentic museum exhibition representing the original ambient and function. Imagine and enjoy well presented periods from 13th century to Baroque, Rococo and Classicism. Stroll the most beautiful formed and maintained parks in Croatia with rich vegetation and fascinating panorama. Relax in a romantic boat ride on the lake. Get to know baroque city Varazdin – also called “Little Vienna”. Varazdin is the city of music, baroque and flowers. Enjoy rich history and culture of the town and its many Baroque palaces, churches and monasteries. Do not miss a visit to the city museum located in a renaissance fortress on the water – the old city. Relax while walking through one of numerous city parks and gardens. Varazdin is a city where even the cemetery is an architectural pearl.

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Bear Mountain Bike Adventure

Mount Medvednica, located outside the Croatian capital city of Zagreb, is a unique example of preserved nature at the doorstep of a large city. The name "Bear Mountain" is a possible English translation for the word Medvednica. This mountain is a favored hiking, mountain biking, and skiing destination for the citizens of Zagreb and its visitors. It is also a designated nature park to protect its rich and diverse wildlife. Major highlights of this tour include the amazing views over Zagreb and the surrounding region of Zagorje. Medvednica's dense forests and fresh air are ideal to escape the summer heats and city hustle. The highest peak Sljeme, standing at 3389 ft (1033 m) will be our starting point. From there you will be guided down the wide paths through the forest. Along the way breaks will be taken to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and to have an optional picnic. The tour will then continue downward as we reach the outskirts of Zagreb. The last part of this trip is through the forest Park of Dotrscina and finally Maksimir, one of the oldest public parks in Europe. This park is a real treasure among locals that come here to enjoy the forest and lakes scattered throughout the area. Zagreb Zoo is also here and you are welcome to stay and visit.