Vis Island

Near the fishing village of Rukavac, Srebrna (Silver) beach has large white pebbles and clear blue waters, backed with a nature reserve. It has the advantage of being a flat walk from a parking area. Nudists head to Bili Bok, a rock terrace a little to the south.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Vis Island attractions

1. Green Cave

1.02 MILES

When things began to get crazy-busy at the more impressive Blue Cave, tour operators started to market this much larger sea cave as a free alternative,…

2. Stiniva

1.72 MILES

Tiny Stiniva is Vis’ most perfect cove. The high cliffs surrounding it form an almost complete circle, with a gap of only about 10m open to the sea. The…

3. Milna & Zaglav

1.85 MILES

While the rest of the island is rocky or pebbly, Vis' eastern end has a few sandy beaches. Milna sits right beside the main road, a sandy beach with…

4. Issa Archaeological Museum

2.62 MILES

Housed in a 19th-century Austrian fortress, this small museum has the largest collection of Hellenistic artefacts in Croatia, including ancient Greek…

5. Beach

3.12 MILES

This pebbly stretch is the most popular beach near Vis township.

6. Grandovac

3.31 MILES

Past Kut and the British Naval Cemetery, this pretty beach has a bar (look out for occasional late-night parties), a small stretch of pebbles and a string…

7. Hum

4.65 MILES

Reaching a height of 587m, this mountain dominates the western end of Vis. The very top is off limits, but you can drive up and park a little before the…

8. Benedictine Monastery

5.72 MILES

On the eastern approach to the town, this fortress-like complex dates from the 17th century.