in Vis Island

Reaching a height of 587m, this mountain dominates the western end of Vis. The very top is off limits, but you can drive up and park a little before the end of the road, where a short path leads to a lookout offering jaw-dropping views over Komiža. There's not much to it, but while you're up here you may as well investigate the little Holy Spirit (Sv Duh) Chapel.

Famously, Tito used a cave on the mountain as his headquarters during WWII. The start of the track to Tito's Cave is no longer signposted, but it's easy to spot, due to the large parking bay under a well-constructed stone wall to the right of the road as you're heading up. A 15-minute walk leads to the Partisan leader's refuge – a smallish room enclosed by a stone wall under a limestone overhang.

To reach Hum, turn off the main road at Podšplije and follow the signs.