For a party atmosphere, head past the town beach to Buba beach, near the Hotel Rivijera, where music pumps all day during summer.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Makarska attractions

1. Town Beach


Makarska's long, pebbly town beach stretches from the Sveti Petar park northwest along the bay. It's lined with hotels, ice-cream shops and beachy stalls.

2. Makarska Municipal Museum

1.02 MILES

Kill time on a rainy day tracing the town’s history by checking out this collection of photos, old stones and nautical relics.

3. Franciscan Monastery & Shell Museum

1.39 MILES

There's a huge contemporary mosaic in the apse of the monastery's church and a well-presented shell museum tucked around the back (enter from Alkarska),…

4. Kotišina Botanical Garden

2.43 MILES

Just up from the village of Kotišina, this isn't a traditional botanical garden – more a wild, 16.5-hectare expanse of mountainside filled with well…

5. Nugal

2.43 MILES

This lovely, rocky stretch lies southeast of Makarska; it's popular with nudists.

6. Biokovo Nature Park

5.16 MILES

The limestone Biokovo massif offers wonderful hiking opportunities. If you’re hiking independently, you have to enter the park at the beginning of…

7. Punta Rata

5.94 MILES

Brela's best beach, Punta Rata is a gorgeous spit of pebbles and pines about 300m northwest of the town centre.

8. Dominican Monastery

17.2 MILES

Positioned at the end of a pretty pebbly beach, this monastery was founded in 1475, but it's far from the oldest structure on the site; the little chapel…