Must-see attractions in Makarska

  • Franciscan Monastery & Shell Museum

    There's a huge contemporary mosaic in the apse of the monastery's church and a well-presented shell museum tucked around the back (enter from Alkarska),…

  • Buba

    For a party atmosphere, head past the town beach to Buba beach, near the Hotel Rivijera, where music pumps all day during summer.

  • Town Beach

    Makarska's long, pebbly town beach stretches from the Sveti Petar park northwest along the bay. It's lined with hotels, ice-cream shops and beachy stalls.

  • Makarska Municipal Museum

    Kill time on a rainy day tracing the town’s history by checking out this collection of photos, old stones and nautical relics.

  • Nugal

    This lovely, rocky stretch lies southeast of Makarska; it's popular with nudists.