Santuario de Flora y Fauna de Iguaque


Covering 67.5 sq km, this unique páramo (high-mountain plains) neotropical ecosystem contains hundreds of species of flora and fauna but is most noted for the frailejón, a shrub typical of the highlands. There are eight small mountain lakes in the reserve, sitting at an altitude of between 3550m and 3700m, although the only one accessible to visitors is Laguna de Iguaque.

Only 50 people are allowed to enter the sanctuary per day. Note that entry to the park is only permitted until 10am – even if you have a reservation for accommodations – after which point you'll be turned around at the gate.

The well-signposted hike from the visitors center to Laguna de Iguaque is 4.7km long and climbs 800m. It's easily done solo and takes about three hours. A leisurely round trip takes five to six hours. A rather fastidious 10-minute briefing is given to all hikers before they set out. Optional guides can be hired for COP$150,000.

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