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Bogotá Region

Colombia's trendy and metropolitan capital has everything one might want carved within its urban fabric – outstanding food, vibrant nightlife and a cavalcade of culture are but a few reasons to remain. However, this high-altitude playground sits at 2640m, so most bogotanos looking for a break from the city also look for warmth, fleeing for lower elevations further afield. Outside the capital district, there are also significant changes in landscape, where you can find lakes, waterfalls, cloud forests, mountains and a maze of small towns and villages, many of which hold on to their colonial fabric. Whether you're looking for mesmerizing underground cathedrals forged from salt, legendary cities of gold or a challenging climbing route or two, bidding Bogotá adios and exploring the surrounding department of Cundinamarca ain't a bad way to come down from on high for the day.

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