Must see attractions in Ngari

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    King Tiger Hot Springs

    The Tagyel Chutse (King Tiger Hot Springs) are a Yellowstone-style collection of bubbling hot springs and puffing steam outlets that seem to lead straight…

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    Mt Kailash

    Sacred Mt Kailash dominates the landscape of western Tibet through both its unique geographical allure and its sacred, metaphysical role as the religious…

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    The citadel of Tsaparang, 18km west of Zanda, is one of Western Tibet's great hidden gems. Dozens of ruined residences and chapels dot a naturally…

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    Drapsang Monastery

    The dramatically situated Drapsang Monastery is a worthy detour off the main highway. Nuns will show you a skull-shaped rock and statues of Guru Rinpoche…

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    This large turquoise lake is one of Tibet's most beautiful and is a fine place to camp if you’re prepared for the cold and especially the altitude (around…

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    The village of Piyang (4180m) lies at the foot of a large ridge honeycombed with thousands of caves and topped with a ruined monastery and two caves with…

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    Down the Sutlej Valley, 3km past Khyunglung (曲龙, Qūlóng) village, is the extensive ruined cave city that is thought to have been Shangshung, western Tibet…

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    Fans of inner Asian art should visit Dungkhar (4250m) for its 800-year-old Kashmiri-Central Asian style wall paintings. There are three main caves in a…

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    Tirthapuri Hot Springs

    On the banks of the Sutlej, only a few hours’ drive northwest of Darchen, the hot springs at Tirthapuri are where pilgrims traditionally bathe after…

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    Gurugyam Monastery

    This newly renovated Bönpo monastery has some interesting murals, though the caretaker will likely call the PSB upon your arrival. The dramatic cliff-side…

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    Dargyeling Monastery

    This scenic monastery is worth a visit for its fine views and unusual chörtens. It's 42km from Saga (Km1759), on a hillside about 1.5km off the main road