Rumudong Petroglyphs

In 1985 prehistoric rock carvings, or petroglyphs, were found at several sites in Rutok County, the first such carvings found in Tibet. The most impressive carvings are at Rumudong and features four extravagantly antlered deer racing across the rock and looking back at three leopards in hot pursuit. Also depicted are eagles, yaks, camels, goats, tigers, wild boars and human figures. Buddhist images are more recent, some of them carved right over their ancient predecessors.

The fenced collection of carvings at Rumudong is right beside the road, about 36km south of the old Rutok turn-off, or about 96km north of Ali. Travelling north from Ali, look on the east side of the road at Km979, just before the road crosses a bridge over the Maga Zangbu-chu.

There are more rock carvings at Lurulangkar, 12km southwest of Rutok, but rerouting of the highway has made them harder to find.