Chiu Hot Springs


If you fancy a relaxing post-Kailash soak or just need to get clean after a kora, the small hot springs beside Chiu village are piped into clean, private wooden tubs, making this a fine way to spend an hour.

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1. Chiu Monastery

0.19 MILES

Located 33km south of Darchen, Chiu (Sparrow) Monastery enjoys a fabulous location atop a craggy hill overlooking Lake Manasarovar. The monastery name…

2. Gossul Monastery


South of Chiu Monastery on the shore of Manasarovar, this charming 16th-century monastery has long been part of the Manasarovar kora but can now be…

3. Trugo Monastery

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Seralung was built in 1728 to atone for a war against Ladakh. The most revered image is the central Jowo Katasapani; to the right is a statue of Kunchog…

5. Mt Kailash

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Sacred Mt Kailash dominates the landscape of western Tibet through both its unique geographical allure and its sacred, metaphysical role as the religious…