Tradun Monastery


The Sakayapa-school Tradun Gompa just to the north of town is of importance as one of Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo’s demoness-subduing temples, in this case pinning down the troublesome demoness’ right knee. A picture of the demoness hangs in the entrance way. Don't miss the two unusual side chapels enshrining chörtens dedicated to protectors Chana Dorje and Tamdrin; the inner room of the chapel to the left still has Cultural Revolution–era newspapers defacing the murals.

Two stuffed bears and wolves guard the entrance to the protector chapel, which houses a stone shaped like a dragon's egg and another shaped like a conch shell. The lovely 15-minute kora (pilgrim circuit) around the hill behind the monastery offers fabulous views of the plain below. The severed heads of goats and yaks dangle from a nearby roadside chörten. Watch out for dogs if walking here alone.