Tsari Nam-tso


One excellent half-day or overnight excursion from Tsochen is to Tsari (Zhari) Nam-tso, a huge and spectacular salt lake that remains totally undeveloped. Most people head for a viewpoint halfway along the northern shore, where several spits of sand frame water so turquoise that it looks almost like the Caribbean. From the viewpoint a road loops back behind a mountain range along the shoreline, past groups of carved mantras to a fine camping spot.

To get to the lake drive 28km northeast of Tsochen on a paved road, then branch right onto a roller-coaster dirt road past several herding communities to a bridge; from here head straight to the viewpoint, and from there turn right to loop around to the campsite and eventually back to the bridge.

You may have to get permission from Tsochen PSB to camp at the lake.

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