Fans of inner Asian art should visit Dungkhar (4250m) for its 800-year-old Kashmiri-Central Asian style wall paintings. There are three main caves in a side valley before the main village, of which the best preserved is the mandala cave. Dungkhar is 40km northeast of Zanda.

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Nearby Ngari attractions

1. Piyang

1.64 MILES

The village of Piyang (4180m) lies at the foot of a large ridge honeycombed with thousands of caves and topped with a ruined monastery and two caves with…

2. Sutlej Bridge

12.32 MILES

If you have time to kill in Zanda, drive 4km east of town to this ancient iron link suspension bridge over the Sutlej River. It's thought to be one of the…

3. Serkhang Chörten

13.4 MILES

A few steps east of the Thöling Monastery compound in Zanda is the recently restored Serkhang chörten. A similar chörten stands in total isolation just to…

4. White Chapel

13.46 MILES

The entry to this side chapel is marked by a finely carved deodar (cedar) door frame that originated in India. Inside are vibrant 15th- and 16th-century…

5. Thöling Monastery

13.5 MILES

Founded by Rinchen Zangpo in the 10th century, Thöling Monastery was once Ngari’s most important monastic complex. Atisha stayed here for three years…

6. Main Assembly Hall

13.5 MILES

The dimly lit chamber of the dukhang has especially fine wall murals, showing strong Kashmiri and Nepali influences; bring a powerful torch (flashlight)…

7. Yeshe Ö’s Mandala Chapel

13.51 MILES

Once the main building in the Thöling complex, Yeshe Ö’s Mandala Chapel was also known as the Golden Chapel. All the images have been destroyed but the…

8. Mummy Cave

17.05 MILES

North of the main entrance to Tsaparang a trail follows a green river valley down about 700m to a cave on the left that holds the mummified remains of…