Tsing Shan Monastery

New Territories

Hong Kong's oldest temple sits at the foot of Castle Peak. It was founded as early as the 400s by Reverend Pui To (literally, ‘travelling in a cup’), an Indian monk who crossed the seas in a wooden cup, although the complex you see today was rebuilt in the 20th century. Check out shrines and temples for various deities and Bodhisattvas in the sprawling complex, including one to Pui To in a grotto. Some of these have slid into dilapidation; nonetheless, they’re imbued with a spooky charm.

The temple was also one of the shooting locations for the Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon. To reach here, board light-rail line 610, 615 or 615P and alight at Tsing Shan Tsuen. From there, follow the sign to Tsing Shan Monastery Path, which is due west of the station. The steep path to the entrance of the monastery is a 30-minute hike.

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