Boats in Sai Kung's harbour.

Sai Kung Town

Sai Kung Peninsula

Sai Kung Town is a wonderful base for exploring the rugged and massive countryside that defines the Sai Kung Peninsula. This eclectic waterfront town has a cluster of seafood restaurants and is also a stopping point and transport hub to and from the surrounding countryside. Ferries depart regularly for offshore islands with secluded beaches and villages. From terminals by the waterfront, buses, minibuses and taxis take you to various locations in the country park, including points on the MacLehose Trail.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Sai Kung Peninsula attractions

1. Sai Kung Waterfront Park

0.07 MILES

Green patches along the (quieter) northeastern end of the waterfront of Sai Kung town is where people like to bring their dogs for walks. You'll see…

2. Volcano Discovery Centre

0.07 MILES

The Volcano Discovery Centre, adjacent to Sai Kung Bus Terminus, advises on the best ways to explore Hong Kong Global Geopark and has a small exhibition…

3. Tin Hau & Kwan Tai Temples

0.21 MILES

The lavishly restored Tin Hau Temple and Kwan Tai Temple in Sai Kung Town appear as a single structure with a shared courtyard and separate entrances and…

4. Lions Nature Education Centre

0.56 MILES

One of the best kid-pleasing destinations around, this 34-hectare attraction is a nature education centre with an arboretum, an insectarium, fields and…

5. Yim Tin Tsai Island

1.66 MILES

The charming 0.24 sq km 'Catholic' island of Yim Tin Tsai (literally, 'Little Salt Field') is named for the island's salt-panning history. Having laid…

6. Sheung Yiu Folk Museum

2.99 MILES

The museum is part of a restored Hakka village typical of those found here in the 19th century. The village was founded about 150 years ago by the Wong…

7. Astropark

4.03 MILES

Belonging to the Space Museum, this small park with stargazing facilities (telescopes, star trackers, benches) is located within Chong Hing Water Sports…

8. Silverstrand Beach

4.05 MILES

Bus 91 passes Silverstrand beach north of Hang Hau before reaching Tai Au Mun; if you wish, you can get off near the small, narrow strip of sand for a dip…