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Guangxi (广西, Guǎngxī) conjures up visions of cycling and bamboo-rafting upon shimmering river waters beneath the sublime karst peaks of Yangshuo and hiking between villages in the lofty Longji Rice Terraces. That's not all though: you can take selfies in front of the dramatic Danxia landscape (a type of landform) at Tianmen Mountain and Bajiaozhai National Geopark, and get sprayed by the mighty waterfall of Detian or splashed by live seafood in Beihai's Vietnamese quarter.

What's more, you'll be contemplating the 2000-year-old Huashan cliff murals from a boat and comparing the poetry of the Dong villages at Chengyang to the beauty of Japan's Kyoto.

After you've had your fill of wonders above ground, you'll be plunging into the subterranean forests of Leye and soaking your feet in the underground streams of Tongling Grand Canyon. Doing it all in reverse also makes sense, for Yangshuo is the perfect conclusion to any expedition.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Guangxi.