Dashiwei Scenic Area

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Located 15km northwest from Leye is this geopark famous for its sinkholes set amid an environment of karst landforms, caves and underground rivers. From the ticket office, you're transferred to an electric cart for a 20-minute ride to visit two sinkholes. The first resembles a giant meteor crater, after which it's named, while the more spectacular Dashiwei Tiankeng (大石围天坑) is the largest of Leye's sinkholes.

Dashiwei is accessed from two viewpoints, of which the most dramatic is via an illuminated cave that leads to a memorable natural arch that opens to astonishing views of the sinkhole. You can also follow the stairs down beyond the cave to one of three viewing platforms for cloud-level views of the surrounding karst ranges. At the time of research, a glass-viewing platform was being constructed. In total, count on spending two hours here.

Every 20 to 30 minutes, between 8am and 4.30pm, a bus leaves Leye for Dashiwei Sinkhole (¥7, 30 minutes). Catch it from the car park diagonally opposite the People's Hospital (人民医院, Rénmín Yīyuàn).

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