Yuexiu Park


A crenellated roadway between attractions in this hilly park is actually a (heavily restored) slab of Guangzhou's long-departed city wall, built during the Ming dynasty. Entering via the park's west entrance, it connects the Five Rams Statue, the Guangzhou City Museum in the red-walled Zhenhai Tower, the Guangzhou Art Gallery and boating lakes.

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1. Guangzhou City Museum


First built in 1380 as a military watchtower, the red-walled Zhenhai Tower (镇海楼, Zhènhǎi Lóu) is now home to the Guangzhou City Museum, which ascends…

2. Five Rams Statue

0.21 MILES

Erected in 1959 in Socialist realism style, this statue on a knoll in Yuexiu Park depicts the symbol of Guangzhou: five mythical rams who bore five…

3. Mausoleum of the Nanyue King

0.29 MILES

You'll feel like Indiana Jones/Lara Croft (select as preferred) as you descend the two-millennia-old steps into an actual Han dynasty tomb. This was the…

4. Guangzhou Orchid Garden


Across from Yuexiu Park is this charming and little-visited garden, with worn stone bridges crossing pools, an orchid display and a quaint little…

5. Guangzhou Art Gallery


Not to be confused with the far more impressive Guangdong Museum of Art, this dusty old museum has middling displays of concession-era porcelain, silks…

6. Grave of Abu Waqas

0.34 MILES

Whether or not this actually is the grave of Abu Waqas, the man who brought Islam to China in the 7th century and an uncle of the Prophet Mohammed, the…

7. Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

0.92 MILES

This Buddhist temple complex was first built in AD 537 to enshrine Buddhist relics brought over from India and placed in the octagonal Decorated Pagoda …

8. Guangxiao Temple

0.96 MILES

The ‘Bright Filial Piety Temple’ is the oldest temple site in Guangzhou, dating from the 4th century. By the time of the Tang it was well established as a…