Bo’ai Hospital


This cream-coloured former Japanese hospital was built in 1936.

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Nearby Fujian attractions

1. Consulate Inn

0.01 MILES

A three-storey Victorian-style building, formerly the British Consulate and currently running as a hotel, with a cafe on the 1st floor.

2. Huang Rongyuan Mansion

0.09 MILES

A marvellous pillared building that was once the home of wealthy Filipino merchants, but now houses the China Records Museum, with a small collection of…

4. Former Japanese Consulate

0.15 MILES

A handsome red-brick building located to the southwest of Gulang Yu. It now houses local university teachers so there is no public entry.

5. Octagonal Villa

0.16 MILES

This is the former family residence of Mr Lin, a prominent Taiwanese tycoon who lived here in the late 19th century.

6. Ecclesia Catholica

0.17 MILES

A magnificent snow-white Gothic-style church built in 1917. Today's its facade is the most popular place on the island for wedding photos and you're sure…

7. Haoyue Garden

0.25 MILES

The main feature at this rocky outcrop is an imposing 15.7m statue of Koxinga (aka Zheng Chenggong) in full military dress, visible from a great distance…

8. Organ Museum

0.42 MILES

Housed in the highly distinctive Bāguà Lóu (八卦楼) building is the Organ Museum, with a fantastic collection including a Norman & Beard organ from 1909. The…