17-Arch Bridge


Connecting the eastern shore of Kunming Lake to South Lake Island, this is the largest bridge in the Summer Palace at 150m long. It was built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the 18th century. The individually carved lions mounted on the columns echo the design of the much older Marco Polo Bridge in the south of Beijing.

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1. Dragon King Temple

0.09 MILES

Reached via the 17-Arch Bridge, this temple on South Lake Island was used by the royal family to pray for rain in times of drought. At sunset, the nearby…

2. Bronze Ox


Cast in 1755, this life-sized, bronze sculpture of an ox was set at the eastern shore of Kunming Lake to guard against floods, the ox believed to be in…

3. Wenchang Gallery

0.47 MILES

This hall displays various cultural artefacts and imperial heirlooms from the Summer Palace, including Empress Cixi's calligraphy, as well as bronze and…

4. Zaojian Hall

0.48 MILES

This ornamental hall (zaojian means algae or seaweed) sits on Seaweed-Viewing Island on Kunming Lake.

5. Hall of Benevolence and Longevity


Part of the administration area near to the East Palace Gate where Cixi still pulled the court strings after her retirement. Inside the hall is a grand…

6. Phoenix Mound

0.52 MILES

A small islet at the southeastern end of Kunming Lake, the Phoenix Mound is a popular vantage point.

7. Long Corridor

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Stretching for 728m along the north shore of Kunming Lake, the open-air Long Corridor is one of the premier sights of the Summer Palace. One can imagine…