Pavilion of Spreading Righteousness

Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

This pavilion was used during the Qing dynasty to store gold and silver objects used for ceremonial rituals.

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1. Hall of Martial Valour

0.09 MILES

To the west of the Meridian Gate is the Hall of Martial Valour, well worth a detour to see what exhibition is currently installed. During the Ming dynasty…

2. Gate of Supreme Harmony

0.09 MILES

Originally built in 1420, the Gate of Supreme Harmony is the main gate of the Forbidden City's outer court. It was used by the emperor for his morning…

3. Hall of Supreme Harmony


One of the Three Great Halls, this is the most important and largest structure in the Forbidden City. Built in the 15th century and restored in the 17th…

4. Three Great Halls


Raised on a three-tier marble terrace with balustrades are the Three Great Halls, the glorious ceremonial heart not just of the Forbidden City but of the…

6. Gate of Glorious Harmony

0.12 MILES

A portal leading to the Hall of Martial Valour in the western regions of the Forbidden City's outer court.

7. Hall of Central Harmony

0.13 MILES

Behind the Hall of Supreme Harmony is the Hall of Central Harmony, which was used as the emperor’s transit lounge. Here he would make last-minute…

8. Hall of Preserving Harmony

0.16 MILES

The third of the Great Halls is the Hall of Preserving Harmony, used for banquets and later for imperial examinations. Descending from the rear of the…