Dongan Men Remains.

Dong'an Gate Remains

Forbidden City & Dongcheng Central

In two roadside excavations north and south of the crossroads here are the remains of the once magnificent Dong'an Men – the east gate of the Imperial City Walls, which led directly to Donghuamen and into the Forbidden City. Little more than rows of bricks now, this is one for the archaeology buffs.

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1. Pudu Temple

0.17 MILES

This inactive Tibetan Buddhist temple can't be entered, but the elevated square in front, which forms part of a small park, is a peaceful little escape…

2. Lao She Museum

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This renovated courtyard was the home of Lao She (1899–1966), one of Beijing’s best-loved 20th-century writers. Author of Rickshaw Boy and Tea House, and…

3. East Prosperity Gate

0.29 MILES

The east gate of the Forbidden City, through which you can exit but not enter. Inside are exhibitions belonging to the Gallery of Historic Architecture.

4. St Joseph’s Church


Squeezed between shopping malls on Wangfujing Dajie is the delightfully incongruous St Joseph's, dating, in its current incarnation, from 1901. In fact,…

5. Wangfujing Street

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6. Nine Dragon Screen


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7. Hall of Literary Brilliance


The Hall of Literary Brilliance complex, just to the east of the Forbidden City's entrance at the Meridian Gate was formerly used as a residence by the…

8. Rear Hall

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One of the main halls within the Workers' Cultural Palace, but closed to visitors. It was used to store the spirit tablets of imperial ancestors in its…