Convento de San Francisco


There is plenty to see at this eclectic museum located in a 16th-century convent with a beautiful cloistered interior. Exhibits range from geology and the island's volcanic history (with multimedia installations) to contemporary sculptures and fascinating early-20th-century photos of the town, complete with resident camels.

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1. Plaza Libertad

0.03 MILES

The soul of Garachico is the main Plaza Libertad, with its towering palm trees, heritage buildings, cafe tables and lively atmosphere. Here old men in…

2. Iglesia de Santa Ana

0.09 MILES

Near the Plaza Libertad is the evocative and gorgeous Iglesia de Santa Ana, with a dominating white bell tower, original 16th-century doors, a lovely…

3. Parque de la Puerta de Tierra

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Another rare remnant of Garachico's volcanic activity is in the cute and lovingly well-tended Parque de la Puerta de Tierra, just off Plaza Juan González …

4. Castillo de San Miguel

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This squat stone fortress by the sea was built in the 16th century and contains photos and explanations of the area’s flora and fauna, as well as a…

5. Guanche Museum

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This mildly diverting though rather limited ethnographic museum explores various aspects of Guanche culture, largely through reproductions of Guanche…

6. Drago Park

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Drago Park contains the pride of the town – a tree said to be the world’s largest and oldest drago (dragon) tree, allegedly here for more than 1000 years …

7. Artlandya Doll Museum


A collection of dolls may not sound very captivating to anyone over the age of three, but Austrian owner Georg is an enthralling character who brings the…

8. Iglesia de San Fernando Rey


This charming church is a peaceful haven in Santiago del Teide, with a marble-floored interior emblazoned with red, green and gold.