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Work on this magnificent cathedral was completed in 1915. A fine baroque retable in the chapel is dedicated to the Virgen de los Remedios and dates from the 16th century. Other highlights include some impressive paintings by Cristóbal Hernández de Quintana, one of the Canary Islands’ premier 18th-century artists, and a splendid Carrara marble pulpit carved by Genovese sculptor Pasquale Bocciardo in 1762. An audio guide is included in the admission price.

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1. Casa Salazar

0.07 MILES

Gutted by fire in 2006, Casa Salazar is today home to tranquil patios, which have been beautifully restored behind the very grandiose facade. The building…

2. Calle San Agustín

0.08 MILES

To see the largest number of splendid mansions standing cheek to jowl, wander along Calle San Agustín. Look for the metal plaques outside the noble…

3. Museo de la Historia de Tenerife

0.09 MILES

The documents, maps, weapons and tools are interesting enough at this museum, but the 16th-century mansion – with its creaking floorboards, old window…

4. Fundación Cristino de Vera


La Laguna’s prime arts venue houses a mixture of top-calibre temporary exhibitions as well as a permanent collection of works by acclaimed contemporary…

5. Casa del Montañés


Take a peek at the fabulous patios at this historic building, which is today used as offices.

7. Iglesia y ex-convento de San Agustín

0.13 MILES

This church went up in flames in 1964, lost its roof and is now out of bounds and in ruins, but you can peer through the gap in the wall at the somnolent…

8. Teatro Leal

0.14 MILES

Both the exterior and interior of the 19th-century Teatro Leal create a pleasingly over-the-top butterfly of a building that is sadly open to the public…