El Charco Verde

La Palma

With boardwalks on the sands, this small black volcanic beach beyond Puerto Naos is a fun stop on the way to El Remo. Note the rock jutting into the sea, which is the site of a small shrine. There's parking at either end of the beach and a small kiosk on the sand, serving coffee, beer and tapas. Bus 24 (€2.40) runs here from from Los Llanos, travelling via Puerto Naos.

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Nearby La Palma attractions

1. Playa Puerto Naos

1.03 MILES

The black-sand beach at Puerto Naos is the longest on the island, measuring around 1km. Backed by towering palm trees, the excellent facilities here…

2. El Remo


Just a short way down to the very end of the road beyond Puerto Naos, past the banana greenhouses, brings you to this small village right by the sea,…

3. Playa de la Zamora & Playa Chica

4.24 MILES

Two pleasant beaches are Playa de la Zamora and Playa Chica, black-sand beaches tucked side by side in coves and divided by a large rock. They’re no…

4. Mercado

5.57 MILES

This popular farmers market also sells arts and crafts. It's in the same building as the tourist office.

5. Museo de la Seda

5.57 MILES

Learn the secrets of the caterpillars that spin dresses fit for a marriage. The silk produced here is made according to traditions that have barely…

7. Plaza España


Relaxing and good-looking Plaza España is the heart of the historic town. Majestic, ancient and sizeable Indian laurel trees provide a much-welcome leafy…