Charco Azul

Top choice in La Palma

Creatively designed Charco Azul is a blending of moulded concrete with natural volcanic rocks. The effect is stunning, especially when the waves are whipping up: a series of natural-looking saltwater pools with sunbathing platforms and a walkway between them. Bus 100 (€2.40) regularly runs from Santa Cruz de la Palma to Los Sauces where you can change to bus 104 from Los Sauces to Charco Azul (€1.50, 10 minutes, three daily).

If going by car, Charco Azul is located 6km northwest of San Andrés on the LP-104 highway. You can walk between Charco Azul and San Andrés along the coastal path; from San Andrés walk down the steep slope of Calle Abajo to the cove, cross the bridge and keep heading north. Bus 4 runs from Los Sauces to Charco Azul via San Andrés.

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