Piscinas de la Fajana

La Palma

At these calm – and calming – saltwater pools, frothy sea waves pound just beyond the concrete barriers. About 5km east of Barlovento, on the LP-1 highway, you’ll turn off towards thisbeautiful coastal spot, where dramatic dark rocks and a savage ocean forge a sublime panorama.

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1. Charco Azul

2.96 MILES

Creatively designed Charco Azul is a blending of moulded concrete with natural volcanic rocks. The effect is stunning, especially when the waves are…

2. Iglesia de San Andrés

3.47 MILES

Sitting at the quiet heart of San Andrés, this church has its origins in 1515 and was one of the first churches the Spanish conquerors built on the island…

3. Parque Arqueológico de El Tendal

4.17 MILES

With a new and very informative exhibition centre with touchscreen displays, this museum and cave complex at the side of the LP-1 road to Los Sauces was…

4. Parque Cultural La Zarza

7.56 MILES

Two Benahoare petroglyphs are the main attraction at the Parque Cultural La Zarza. The geometric-shaped etchings lie along a 1.5km circuit within the park…

7. Santuario de la Virgen de las Nieves

10.45 MILES

For splendid views down the valley to Santa Cruz, put aside time to tackle the 4km uphill hike north of town to La Palma’s main object of pilgrimage, the…

8. Santo Domingo

10.67 MILES

Wind your way down the lovely, sinuous LP-112 to the settlement of Santo Domingo and then turn left in the village and follow the signs to the Puerto de…