Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Top choice museum in Winnipeg

Our Review

Housed in a stunning contemporary building designed by American architect Antoine Predock, this terrific museum explores human rights issues as they relate to Canada, its culture and the rest of the world through the medium of striking interactive displays, videos, art and more. Exhibits don't shy away from sensitive subjects, such as the internment of Canadian-Japanese during WWII and Aboriginal children forced into residential schools as recently as the 1990s, and the Holocaust and Holodomor are given sensitive treatment.

On a high-profile site near Provencher Bridge, this is the first national museum outside of Ottawa. Symbolism abounds, with an enormous glass cloud wrapping around the northern facade, modeled in the image of five dove wings wrapping one over the other. Shimmy up the Israel Asper Tower of Hope in the elevator for an excellent view of Winnipeg.