UBC Botanical Garden


in Kitsilano & University of British Columbia

Plants for sale, University of British Columbia Botanical Garden.

You'll find a huge array of rhododendrons, a fascinating apothecary plot and a winter green space of off-season bloomers in this 28-hectare complex of themed gardens. Among the towering trees, look for northern flicker woodpeckers and chittering little Douglas squirrels. Also save time for the attraction's Greenheart TreeWalk, which elevates visitors up to 23m above the forest floor on a 310m guided ecotour. The combined garden and Greenheart ticket costs adult/child $23/10.

Check the garden's website Events page before your visit; themed walking tours are available on selected days. Make sure you drop into the gift shop before you leave, for its brilliantly curated collection of green-thumbed books and trinkets. Here in October? The annual UBC Apple Festival is also staged right here; it's the highlight of the year for the kind of locals and visitors who love munching on Cox's Orange Pippins.