The Vancouver Art Gallery's outdoor installation space next to the Shangri-La Hotel, the sometimes esoteric but always thought-provoking exhibits here are changed a couple of times a year. Aim for an artsy selfie or just read the explanation alongside: it often comes with some arresting concepts that may have you scratching your head.

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1. RBC Royal Bank

0.14 MILES

This main Vancouver branch of one of Canada's biggest bank chains has a huge hidden artwork on its 2nd floor. Head up the escalator just inside the…

2. Christ Church Cathedral

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Completed in 1895 and designated as a cathedral in 1929, the city's most attractive Gothic-style church is nestled incongruously alongside looming glass…

4. Pendulum Gallery

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A creative use for a cavernous bank building atrium, this gallery offers a varied roster of temporary exhibitions. It's mostly contemporary art and can…

5. Vancouver Art Gallery

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6. Marine Building

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7. Coal Harbour Seawall

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An idyllic 2km waterfront stroll from Canada Place to Stanley Park, this is a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon. En route you'll pass the landmark…

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Recalling Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Winter Games, this handsome waterfront public space is the permanent home of the tripod-like Olympic Cauldron. The…