Royal Treasury

Phnom Penh

This small building holds a small exhibition of royal costumes and regalia.

In the days before the reconstruction of the Silver Pagoda, it housed some of the royal treasures that were not on display.

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1. Royal Palace

0.02 MILES

With its classic Khmer roofs and ornate gilding, the Royal Palace once dominated the skyline of Phnom Penh. It's a striking structure near the riverfront,…

2. Napoleon III Pavilion

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Check out this curious iron pavilion, located south of the Throne Hall. Given to King Norodom by Napoleon III of France in 1876, it was hardly designed…

3. Banquet Hall

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This building was traditionally used for royal dining; today it is used for ceremonial apsara (nymph) dances and training.

5. Throne Hall

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The main attraction in the palace compound is the Throne Hall. Topped by a 59m-high tower inspired by the Bayon at Angkor, it was inaugurated in 1919 by…

7. Mondapa

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This building once housed richly decorated sacred texts written on palm leaves (now moved to the safety of air-conditioned storage).

8. Building with Elephant Dock

0.06 MILES

This small structure was used by the king and other royal family members to mount and dismount the royal elephants for ceremonies.