Phnom Penh

This building once housed richly decorated sacred texts written on palm leaves (now moved to the safety of air-conditioned storage).

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1. Silver Pagoda

0.02 MILES

Within the Royal Palace compound is this extravagant temple, also known as Wat Preah Keo or Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Silver Pagoda is so named…

3. Napoleon III Pavilion

0.03 MILES

Check out this curious iron pavilion, located south of the Throne Hall. Given to King Norodom by Napoleon III of France in 1876, it was hardly designed…

5. Banquet Hall

0.04 MILES

This building was traditionally used for royal dining; today it is used for ceremonial apsara (nymph) dances and training.

6. Bell Tower

0.04 MILES

The bell of this tower is rung to order the gates of the Royal Palace compound to be opened or closed.

8. Phnom Mondap

0.05 MILES

This artificial hill has a structure containing a bronze footprint of the Buddha from Sri Lanka.