Iglesia de Santo Domingo


This 16th-century church with an imposing whitewashed facade was built by the Dominican order.

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1. Museo de Santa Clara

0.09 MILES

Located in the Santa Clara Convent, this museum of religious art, founded in 1639, contains several works by Bolivian master Melchor Pérez de Holguín and…

2. Museo Gutiérrez Valenzuela

0.11 MILES

Run by the university, this museum is an old aristocrat’s house stocked with a hodgepodge collection of gaudy 19th-century decor. Think gilded gold…

4. Museos Universitarios

0.13 MILES

Housed in a beautifully restored 17th-century building with a picture-perfect colonial courtyard, the Museos Universitarios consist of three separate…

5. Museo del Tesoro

0.14 MILES

Wondering why millions labored for centuries under terrible conditions, and still do, including in mines around nearby Potosí? Check out the highly…

6. Museo Eclesiástico de Sucre

0.14 MILES

Next door to Sucre's cathedral, this museum holds one of Bolivia’s best collections of religious relics. There are four sections, ritually unlocked as…

7. Catedral

0.16 MILES

Sucre’s cathedral dates from the middle of the 16th century and is a harmonious blend of Renaissance architecture with later baroque additions. It’s a…

8. Convento de Santa Teresa

0.18 MILES

The brilliant-white Convento de Santa Teresa belongs to an order of cloistered nuns. They sell homemade candied oranges, apples, figs and limes daily by…