Sunday Market

Top choice market in Tarabuco

Despite the presence of other camera-wielding gringos and the ubiquity of travel agencies in Sucre selling 'tours,' Tarabuco's Sunday market is well worth experiencing. Look out for high-quality artesanías such as pullovers, charangos, coca pouches, ponchos and weavings that feature geometric and zoomorphic designs. Items (and prices) more geared towards tourists, and some produced far from the area, are sold on and close to the plaza. The further in you wade, the less likely this is the case.

Just a few blocks north and east of the plaza, it's primarily stalls selling everyday items, everything from folkloric dancing CDs to batteries, kitchen utensils and bulk sacks of fruit and vegetables. Elbow room is scarce and keep an eye out for low-hanging tarp coverings, no doubt a challenge because of the sensory overload.