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Pathfinders: top Instagrams from November 2018

Getting cosy in northern Iceland © @easyplanettravel

From hiking along China’s most iconic landmark to exploring Milan’s streets in the early morning sun, our Instagramming Pathfinders found fantastic frames and stunning shots in all corners of the globe last month. Here are the captures that impressed us the most from November.

Northern Iceland

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‘We experienced the ‘vanlife’ lifestyle for 10 days in Iceland, discovering this breathtaking country with our little girl, and creating lifelong memories of incredible experiences in the wild. It was an unforgettable family road trip!’ – Dominique, @easyplanettravel

Why we like it: This image is the perfect encapsulation of the word ‘cosy’. The perspective shot from inside a warm, blanketed camper-van, overlooking the snow-strewn wilds of northern Iceland evokes a warming, wintry atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the sharp foreground focus. And we’re huge fans of the matching socks too.

Mexico City, Mexico

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A post shared by Axel Alvarado (@axel.ach) on

‘The Día de Muertos parade has become a major event in Mexico City. Thousands gathered at Paseo de la Reforma to watch a spectacle made by a team of more than 1000 volunteers, make-up artists, producers and creators. The theme of this year was migration, and was dedicated to those who lost their lives travelling to America, as well as migrating animals such as monarch butterflies, whales and sea turtles.’ – Axel, @axel.ach

Why we like it: With his skilful composition and framing, Axel has managed to capture a beautiful action shot of the world-famous Día de Muertos celebrations. The sprinkling of butterflies in flight adds a sense of movement to the image, and his focus on the face of the performer brings the human emotion of the occasion right to the fore. This shot is a thing of beauty, and tells a story too.

Hallstatt, Austria

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A post shared by Lauren Breedlove (@girlwanderlist) on

‘Even at sunrise, Hallstatt is full of tourists, which is understandable, given its fairy-tale vibes. I snapped a few shots at the popular spot, and then escaped the crowds for a different vantage point. While hoofing it up some stairs, I found the church steeple splicing the sun. I celebrated with a fist-pump – sunrise score!’ – Lauren, @girlwanderlist

Why we like it: As Lauren rightly points out, Hallstatt is a much-photographed, popular tourist spot, rendering it difficult to capture from an original angle. Her shot however, framed by the distant mountains and multi-hued houses in the foreground, is a refreshingly different perspective of this picturesque destination, perfectly capturing the sun’s first rays as they break over the church spire.

Jinshanling, China

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A post shared by Xavier Marchal (@xaviermarchal) on

‘Walking The Great Wall of China must be a dream for everybody. Going to Jinshanling made this dream come true. On a part of the wall which has not been restored, you can walk hours without seeing anyone. Just you, nature, and the immensity of the great wall, stuck in the past.’ – Xavier, @xaviermarchal

Why we like it: The Great Wall of China is indeed at the top of many an adventurous traveller’s list, but experiencing its sheer scale and majesty for real however, is another matter. Xavier’s shot puts us right in the midst of the climb, with the wall snaking endlessly into the distance, seemingly completely deserted. This is the kind of travel shot that makes you want to immediately pack up a backpack and jump on a plane.

Milan, Italy

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A post shared by Jurga || Full Suitcase (@fullsuitcase) on

‘Who said you can't visit Milan without the crowds? It was well worth getting up early to see the famous Milan Cathedral in all its glory. Sun rays, sleepy pigeons and one early bird make this image my favourite candid smartphone shot ever!’ – Jurga, @fullsuitcase

Why we like it: What a capture! Jurga’s early rising yielded a truly fantastic result, framing Milan’s magnificent cathedral being bathed in the sun’s morning rays. The one energetic pigeon of the flock forms the perfect central focus for the shot, and adds a sense of drama and movement to the otherwise tranquil scene. This is a skilful frame of one of Milan’s endlessly beautiful panoramas.

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